Michigan Placenta Encapsulators


Our passion is to provide referrals to professional, fast, high-quality, placenta encapsulation services in your area. 

Our Mission is match you with an available encapsulator based on your desired services and location. 

At Michigan Placenta Encapsulators L.L.C. We want to take the guess work out of finding a placenta encapsulator. Whether you are just planning ahead, or are seeking someone urgently. We have someone to meet your placenta encapsulation needs. 

  • Immediately after the birth:  Have the Nurses, Midwives, or Doctor put the placenta in a sealed container on ICE or refrigerated, call us and let us know the placenta is ready for pickup.


  • We will pick up from the hospital unless arranged otherwise. We will give you an estimated time of our arrival or you can have it arranged to be dropped off to us. 


  • Special considerations may need to be made for hospital births.  You may have to sign a release and some hospitals can take several days to release the placenta. If this is the case you will need to make sure the placenta is frozen in a sealed container without any chemicals. The frozen placenta will stay good for up to six months, but ideally this process is done in the first 48 hours after delivery.


  • Unfortunately not all hospitals will release a placenta. This is something we suggest discussing with your provider to make sure there is no issue beforehand.  


  • Depending on which method of preparation you choose, your placenta is  usually dehydrated,  ground into a fine powder and then encapsulated into vegetarian capsules. 


  • This process is typically done over two to three days. 


  • Once the process is complete,  we will contact you to arrange for delivery or pickup. Payment in full is due at the time of delivery of completed capsules. You are paying for the service of encapsulation. 


  • You will be able to start taking your capsules right away! 

Encapsulation has not be evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. We are not  health care providers, we simply provide the service of encapsulation to women whom have made the choice to consume their encapsulated placenta.