Michigan Placenta Encapsulators


Our passion is to provide referrals to professional, fast, high-quality, placenta encapsulation services in your area. 

Our Mission is match you with an available encapsulator based on your desired services and location. 

At Michigan Placenta Encapsulators L.L.C. We want to take the guess work out of finding a placenta encapsulator. Whether you are just planning ahead, or are seeking someone urgently. We have someone to meet your placenta encapsulation needs. 

When can't you encapsulate?

There are several reasons why we would not be able to encapsulate a placenta:

  •          Tainted placenta- absolutely no chemicals can be added to the placenta
  •          Fever in mother at time of birth or evidence of infection
  •          Group B Positive Test Result
  •          Left out without refrigeration for over 4 hours
  •          Maternal history of blood borne illness such as HIV, AIDS, Hepatitis, Herpes, STD's, etc

Encapsulation has not be evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. We are not  health care providers, we simply provide the service of encapsulation to women whom have made the choice to consume their encapsulated placenta.