Michigan Placenta Encapsulators


Our passion is to provide referrals to professional, fast, high-quality, placenta encapsulation services in your area. 

Our Mission is match you with an available encapsulator based on your desired services and location. 

At Michigan Placenta Encapsulators L.L.C. We want to take the guess work out of finding a placenta encapsulator. Whether you are just planning ahead, or are seeking someone urgently. We have someone to meet your placenta encapsulation needs. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide you with referrals to professional, fast, reliable placenta encapsulation services in your area.

We  match you with an available placenta encapsulator based on your desired services and location.

Our Placenta Encapsulators go through an application process and agree to a code of conduct and standards to ensure the utmost care is being provided to every client.   Each encapsulator is required to provide at least three references from previous clients. 

Every one of our encapsulators is highly trained and holds a current certificate in Bloodborne Pathogens Training many also hold Food Safe Certificates. 


Our Story

My name is Laurel Miller. I am a woman with a lifelong passion for birth, babies and mothering. I heard the calling to become a doula over 10 years ago and  in 2012 I launched Guided Passage to follow that instinct.

After the birth of my son in 2013 I suffered from tremendous postpartum anxiety. Thankfully I was able to utilize my placenta in order to help me heal after my birth. Using Placenta and other natural healing to get back on my feet made me recognize the calling to focus on Encapsulation and launch Michigan Placenta Encapsulators to help families access encapsulators they can trust.

As a mother, reiki master and encapsulator, I strive to be a strong, skilled and compassionate witness to women and families. Serving is my calling, passion and life.  I am honored to assist women and families in all facets of pregnancy and postpartum from all different walks of life.  

I want to help you heal, live with intention,  and encourage the best experience possible during your postpartum period. 

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Encapsulation has not be evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. We are not  health care providers, we simply provide the service of encapsulation to women whom have made the choice to consume their encapsulated placenta.